Why is Tiny House movement so popular in Turkey?

"Why is Tiny House movement so popular in Turkey?" we want to explain in this blog site.

We had experience tiny house movement in camping area for 50 years as family culture. We stayed 4 months at glamping tent in camping in past. Also, we admire caravans which are coming from Europe.

I gratuated from university in 2007, After I worked as an architect at Light Gauge Steel Structure Company , real estate and manufacturer. I worked there for 8 years. Than, I worked as an project director at an architectural office, building permission and building regulation, design and built company. After all, I saw the difficulties of building permissions, I decided to establish Casa Lokomotif Tiny House Caravan company.

Tiny House movement is popular in USA from 2008 chrisis. But, Tiny House design format is different from us. Their design is full staying home and 10,5 tonnes weight vehicle. Electrical and mechanical solution are chosen in plot land. Its name is nearly slum on wheels. Today, this solution is the same for Turkey. So, tiny house on wheels or not on wheels is the slum, if it use illegal electrical and mechanical infrastructure.

Casa Lokomotif Tiny House Caravan is 3,5tonnes weight max with caravan licence. It has solar system for electricity. It has water pump and water tanks for fresh and gray water systems. It is not a slum or building. It produce due to European railway rules and standards.

We can easily see more camping stations and tiny house resorts opening in the future by Turkish people. Nowadays, we provide the land development service for tiny house resort.

Pdesgn Architecture ( pdesgn.com ) has experience to design, build and business license.

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